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  • Venugopal Java

    Venugopal Java

  • Edward Acosta

    Edward Acosta

    Student at Flatiron School for software engineering. Graduating in December

  • SPT Swedish Power Tech AB

    SPT Swedish Power Tech AB

  • Ted Neben

    Ted Neben

    Full Stack Software Engineer with a passion for people. Opportunities are all around us and being able to connect with others and utilize them is key.

  • Jamey Bryce

    Jamey Bryce

    I’m a program-writer and a writer as well as a lifelong student.

  • Noelani Villanueva

    Noelani Villanueva

    Flatiron student, word nerd and otter enthusiast

  • Ben Looper

    Ben Looper

    Technology. Software. Space. LOTR.

  • Mauro Bassotti

    Mauro Bassotti

    Senior mining Engineer with high level of expertise in EU fundings & asset advisory. Technical director in big infrastructures companies worldwide.

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